Friday, 19 August 2011

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Friday, 28 January 2011

T-shirt: Why So Serious by sloorp

12€ ONLY! • Hurry up: *limited*

Hello, guys!

My T-shirt design "Why So Serious" was selected and got printed on - A new website that brings unique Tees for you everyday!
So it's only available for 3 DAYS: Fri 28 - Sut 29 - Sun 30 Jan
Be sure to grab your quickly! Check it out here:

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

CHECK OUT: Upcoming Nitrome Game

Hello, guys!

Nitrome is one of my favorite places for games. I am a huge Fan of their concepts and I totally love their cute and weird little characters, that make the Nitrome World special!

They have recently posted on their blog, a preview of an upcoming game.

Firstly, take a look at the artwork. It's stunning. The most detailed-graphics I have ever seen in Nitrome games. It seems that the team decided to take their games to the next level! However, this imprevement had already started from Super Feed Me for iPhone, which is still under developement, it also features advanced graphics.

Now let's guess! Hmmm... You play as Penguin-Miner wearing some sort of equipment that lets you fly. I assume that you must fly through the level without touching the walls, avoiding all enemies, maybe gathering some hidden crystals and finally reaching the goal. I'm just making a guess! I am sure that the guys in Nitrome have a very good reason to  put so much detail in this game's graphics, it's going to be on of their "hit" games! (e.g. Toxic, Icebreaker)

Now I can see why most of their latest games featured 8-bit graphics, they were working on something big and they probably didn't want to let you with no games to play! They have also found a great way to promote this games, the "Nitrome Enjoyment System" an old dusty console created years ago!

For more information and games check out their Website: or their Blog:

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Website Enhancements and News

Hello, guys!

Haven't posted for a looong time. Yeah, i was "kind of" busy! But when I find time, I try to do a LOT of stuff. Let's see what happened the last days:

1. Website Enhancements had some small tweaks. Now the news slider on the homepage includes bullets that let you select between news.

Also the Characters page is renewed. It now presents a few of the most noteworthy Sloorp Characters, with their names. When I find more time, I will add the stories for each of them. You will click on them to learn more info. Stay tuned for this!

But the biggest improvement is on the Sloorp Store! It got a Facelift! As you can see, the header is replaced with typography making it more relaxing and beatiful. The position of the header is now better aligned with the products.

Hover on a Product Picture. A "Magnifying Glass" icon tells you that you can zoom!
Finally, you can now Add Prodcuts to your Card and Continue Shopping, leave them there and check out later or View your Card anytime!

2. A New Print!

As the promo on the Homepage gives me away, "Trouble in the Jungle" is now available as a print on the Store! It includes most of your favorite sloorp characters! It's a 8x11" inch GLOSSY Print. Grab it now!

3. Say Goodbuy to Bookmarks!
The Fun Bookmarks Pack that many people loved will remain on the Store until the end of the January. Best way to say goodbye? Buy some!

That's all folks. Stay around because I have some exciting news!
Sloorp <3 You

Saturday, 20 November 2010

The New Sloorp Store

Hi, fellas!

It's been a while since my last post! *busy*
A few days ago, I discovered I could use Paypal Buy Buttons for my store instead of paying Bigcartel for having me an online shop. I knew that I had to sit and design the whole store from scratch, and a lot of HTML and CSS would be in the mix, but I didn't hesitate.

So, the New Sloorp Store will not be located on anymore, it's gonna be a part of the official website! I'm launching the new Sloorp Store in a few days. Until then, you can still make your purchases from! 

Happy shopping! ;)

Friday, 15 October 2010

Sloorp Brand: Business Cards

The Green Lion

Hello, World!
While I am superbusy with school (however i still surf on the net), these little guys up there arrived yesterday, so I decided to write here about them.

It feels weird because it looks so proffessional, I love them! The quality, which is difficult to understand from the photos, is stunning. It just feels great on your hand! I ordered two different designs: A Lion Card and A Cyclop-DragonSnail Card!

The Cyclop-Dragonsnail

I really hope I could give you one, everyone! I only got 50 for start, I'm gonna get more when I run out. Feel free to ask me anything and tell me what you think about them!

Details Side (That's my name :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Check out my Wall!

Hello, guys!

These days I'm so busy and i don't have time for self-commissioned artwork, only for commissioned stuff and jobs I must complete. There is no free time.

However, my creativity is growing inside me and has to come out in some way. I had this idea, to paint my Sloorp Logo on the wall of my room! Here's the whole process in steps:

1. Sketch the logo on the wall: I sketched it on the wall by just looking at it and copying it from the paper.

2. Paint the stroke around the letters: I used acrylics for the coloring.

3. Paint the first level of green.

4. Paint the second level of green.

What do you think?