Wednesday, 26 January 2011

CHECK OUT: Upcoming Nitrome Game

Hello, guys!

Nitrome is one of my favorite places for games. I am a huge Fan of their concepts and I totally love their cute and weird little characters, that make the Nitrome World special!

They have recently posted on their blog, a preview of an upcoming game.

Firstly, take a look at the artwork. It's stunning. The most detailed-graphics I have ever seen in Nitrome games. It seems that the team decided to take their games to the next level! However, this imprevement had already started from Super Feed Me for iPhone, which is still under developement, it also features advanced graphics.

Now let's guess! Hmmm... You play as Penguin-Miner wearing some sort of equipment that lets you fly. I assume that you must fly through the level without touching the walls, avoiding all enemies, maybe gathering some hidden crystals and finally reaching the goal. I'm just making a guess! I am sure that the guys in Nitrome have a very good reason to  put so much detail in this game's graphics, it's going to be on of their "hit" games! (e.g. Toxic, Icebreaker)

Now I can see why most of their latest games featured 8-bit graphics, they were working on something big and they probably didn't want to let you with no games to play! They have also found a great way to promote this games, the "Nitrome Enjoyment System" an old dusty console created years ago!

For more information and games check out their Website: or their Blog:

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