Sunday, 23 January 2011

Website Enhancements and News

Hello, guys!

Haven't posted for a looong time. Yeah, i was "kind of" busy! But when I find time, I try to do a LOT of stuff. Let's see what happened the last days:

1. Website Enhancements had some small tweaks. Now the news slider on the homepage includes bullets that let you select between news.

Also the Characters page is renewed. It now presents a few of the most noteworthy Sloorp Characters, with their names. When I find more time, I will add the stories for each of them. You will click on them to learn more info. Stay tuned for this!

But the biggest improvement is on the Sloorp Store! It got a Facelift! As you can see, the header is replaced with typography making it more relaxing and beatiful. The position of the header is now better aligned with the products.

Hover on a Product Picture. A "Magnifying Glass" icon tells you that you can zoom!
Finally, you can now Add Prodcuts to your Card and Continue Shopping, leave them there and check out later or View your Card anytime!

2. A New Print!

As the promo on the Homepage gives me away, "Trouble in the Jungle" is now available as a print on the Store! It includes most of your favorite sloorp characters! It's a 8x11" inch GLOSSY Print. Grab it now!

3. Say Goodbuy to Bookmarks!
The Fun Bookmarks Pack that many people loved will remain on the Store until the end of the January. Best way to say goodbye? Buy some!

That's all folks. Stay around because I have some exciting news!
Sloorp <3 You

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